Small & Whitfield


How To Sell

All items in Small & Whitfield Auctions will appear fully illustrated on this website.

Simply bring your items into our auction rooms to be valued and assessed as to the suitability for sale, or you can bring in clear photographs including measurements etc

Alternatively, a faster option is to email us with details and images.


All deliveries can only take place on any Wednesday and Thursday between 9am–5pm.

We can help organise a carrier to suit your requirements.

Minimum Consignment

The minimum value of a consignment is $100.

This is negotiable subject to the quality and suitability of the item(s).

Commission / Reserves

A reserve price is a price stipulated as the lowest acceptable by the seller for an item sold at auction.

Commission and Reserves will be agreed upon with the valuer at the time of acceptance and may not be altered after a receipt has been issued.

Additional fees can be applied to: Large or heavy items, i.e. wardrobes, beds, sofas, pianos, glass or marble top tables, large dining tables, marble fire surrounds, dining suites, sectional furniture, curtains, baths, billiards tables etc.

Our current commission rate on all items is 19% + GST.

Lotting Fee

$1.00 lotting fee + GST is charged per lot sold.

A lot is represented by a single item, a group of items combined together or an entire box lot.

Unsold Lots

These will normally be re-offered in the following sale with a lower estimate or reserve price, unless instructions are received to the contrary and arrangements are made for the removal and/or storage of the lots.

Unsold Charges

Unsold items are not subject to any fees.

Storage Charges

Storage will be charged on uncollected lots unless prior arrangements are made.

Payment To Vendors

All proceeds will be directly deposited into your nominated bank account. At the same time, a full inventory of the sales results will be emailed to you 7 to 10 working days after the sale providing:

  1. All payments has been received from the purchasers
  2. The item is not subject to any dispute or third party claims

Small & Whitfield Auctions reserves the right to refuse any goods if they are deemed unsuitable for sale. Any lots left for valuation, but not accepted, must be collected within 48 hours.

All images and other materials produced for the auction are the copyright of Small & Whitfield Auctions for the use at our discretion.